Monday, April 29, 2013

1964 Ford Mustang cake

In April 1964, the Mustang was first introduced to the public at the World’s Fair in New York. Before the day was over, Ford had secured 22,000 orders for the vehicle at dealerships across the country. As such, the Mustang was considered an instant hit with consumers.

This was one of my most challenging projects. In addition to construction issues, red fondant was not easy to work with, for some reason it dried up and cracked- the more I tried to fix it the worse it got. So I ended up with a beat up old 1964 Ford Mustang cake.  Everyone still liked it and enjoyed the chocolate cake with Chocolate mousse filling. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My face

This cake was for a project presentation by a company that owns several smaller companies. The name of the project was "My Face". The logos of all the companies are on the first tier and silhoutes of "my face" all around and a-top the smaller tier.
I was especially instructed to make sure it did not look like a wedding cake.

The cake was a carrot cake with generous sprinkling of walnuts and a cream cheese filling. It was so HEAVY.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dholak (Drum) Cake

 A cake that looks like a "dholak" a double-sided barrel drum played at weddings in South Asia; similar to the larger “Dhol” played in Punjab.

 Dholaks can be found in varying shapes and sizes and made with different woods and materials (fiberglass, steel, plastic). The drum consists of a wooden barrel with animal hide or synthetic skin stretched over its open ends, covering them completely. These skins can be stretched or loosened with a tightening mechanism made up of either interwoven ropes, or nuts and bolts. Tightening or loosening the skins subtly alters the pitch of the drum sound. The stretched skin on one of the ends is thicker and produces a deep, low frequency (higher bass) sound and the other thinner one produces a higher frequency sound. 

I made this for a friend's wedding a few weeks ago. Half of it was chocolate cake with Chocolate mousse filling and half was orange cake with orange mousse filling. The cake was very soft so I left it upright rather than turning it on the side as is the traditional way of playing it. It was quite a hit at the party; it was fun to see everyone march to the beat of a cake drum.