Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stack of vintage books

This cake looks like a stack of vintage books in “Urdu” the official language of Pakistan also spoken in many parts of India.  The word Urdu is derived from a Turkish word “ordu” which means army. It is a mix of several languages like Farsi and Arabic. It is very similar to spoken Hindi language of India but is written in Persian script. Urdu is the most expressive language. The sound patterns, the cadence, the lyricism, the expressiveness and eloquence are unparalleled. It has the emotional depth and ability to convey so much- virtually any emotion or experience in a mere couplet. It deeply touches and brings together people across age groups, regions, religions, boundaries. It is not merely a language but a culture.

This cake was for an event with an Urdu theme. The stack of vintage books with topics representing Urdu prose and poetry were quite popular at the event.  If you opened the two books on the top you would find chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling covered with chocolate fondant. The bottom two books were carrot cake with cream cheese filling. Enjoy.