Monday, October 31, 2016

Spider cake

Wont you come into my parlor- said the spider to the fly------------

Why are people afraid of spiders? They even have a name for it “Arachnophobia”. Arachnophobia is one of the top ten phobias experienced around the world, with millions of sufferers across the globe.
So what makes spiders so terrifying? Maybe it is the threat of being bitten? Or is it the seemingly erratic movements of spiders, and their “legginess”?. Scientists who have studied this fear of spiders explain it to be a result of evolutionary selection. So Arachnophobia is an evolutionary response, since spiders, especially the venomous ones, have always been associated with infections and disease. Hence, the fear of spiders triggers a “disgust response” in many individuals. I am not sure I buy that. Personally I am not bothered by the sight of spiders. Maybe because I have never been bitten by one or felt one crawling up my arm.

Spider webs are so beautiful and amazing.  I remember tossing paper pellets on to spider webs and watching the spiders scurry towards their catch. After a few unpalatable paper pellets they did not hurry to check any more. Although walking into a spiderweb has made me act like a  karate master I like these beautiful creatures. 

This spider with a Cheshire cat grin, is an almond cake with almond buttercream filling. Enjoy an arachnid slice.