Monday, October 23, 2017

Zodiac cake

Behold a cake for a zodiac enthusiast "Libra".  All the zodiac signs were painted around the cake which was a very intense almond cake with almond cannoli filling. The scales were a carrot cake.

The scales of justice epitomize balance.  An ideal society is a balanced society. That does not mean everyone is equivalently affluent and propitious. The variety and difference between the people of our society creates a balance. God has blessed us with "portions", not the same amounts so we need each other to create a balanced society. Some people have more money, some have more beauty, brains, luck, love......................This does not make one BETTER than the other, but it gives some opportunities to serve/ help the others. We need each other. If we were all rich like Scrooge McDuck, who would sell us food?  Fix that plumbing ?  We need to serve each other to create a balanced society; a better/peaceful world.

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